Find a way to stick this in the in-box of every Democrat in DC, Sarah.

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Yes, TCinLA, let's sky write this irrefutable circle of republican repeats. Yes, Sarah, thank you for breaking out the actual figures; factual numbers are not polls or hopes. When analyzed they can indicate changes and trends, but, as msm has recently re-learned, they cannot predict.

And yes, again, Sarah, a big tent does necessitate moderation. However, moderation changes with the challenges of the times, and what was once understood as basic rights of citizenship - of course moderates support this - are now considered by many republicans as the rights of SOME citizens, and so, to advocate for ALL citizens, is presented as extremist by them.

In fact, FOR THE PEOPLE, was always there, from Day One. We are ALL still learning who ALL of the people are, and working to welcome them into the big tent. Seems like a mandate for basic rights, and for. . . .moderation. Thank you PCUSUSA.

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