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3 Takeaways from SCOTUS' Decision to Hear Trump's Immunity Case

3 Takeaways from SCOTUS' Decision to Hear Trump's Immunity Case

Here are the top three takeaways about SCOTUS' decision to hear Trump’s immunity case: The legal ramifications, the confirmation about the corruption of the court, and the political ramifications.

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Here are the top three takeaways from the Supreme Court’s decision to hear former President Donald Trump’s immunity case: The legal ramifications, the confirmation about the corruption of the court, and the political ramifications — including a surprising silver lining.

  1. Every day of delay serves to give Trump effective immunity: “The SCOTUS stays DC case and expedites hearing the Trump appeal on immunity. But every day of delay operates as granting Trump de facto immunity,” Andrew Weissman pointed out.

  2. Yes, the Supreme Court is corrupt. "Look, this is a momentous decision, just to hear this case. There was no reason in this world for the Supreme Court to take this case. The three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia had written a masterful opinion, denying that the president’s claims of absolute immunity under the constitution and the laws of the United States, there’s never been an argument that a former president is immune from prosecution for crimes that he committed while in office. On a more practical level, of course, the court — the Supreme Court is capable of deciding this very quickly, in time that the former president could be tried, before the election. But today’s decision makes that that much more unlikely,” conservative Judge Luttig said.

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  1. But, it actually gives Democrats a very easy Get Out the Vote call to action. “My view of the SCOTUS action: if the trial is delayed until after November, we will see THE LARGEST BLUE WAVE IN HISTORY. If November becomes a referendum on whether Trump faces justice, then Democrats will absolutely flip the House, keep the White House and expand the Senate,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) pointed out.

Everyone reading this newsletter is already aware that this Supreme Court is corrupt, so many of you probably already feared this outcome. But there is a silver lining to their corruption being made so blatant so early in an election year, and that is as Rep. Lieu pointed out an opportunity for Democrats to drive up turn out, to make an easy case about the importance of showing up to vote.

One thing I’d add is to make sure to ask the candidates you support what they will do about this Court. Do they support expanding the court? Do they support term limits?

You can actually request a constituent meeting with your member of Congress to tell them how important this issue is. For tips on that, you can visit Demand Justice.

One thing is clear: Republicans are not going to make keeping our democracy easy. But they aren’t banking on you, and I am. I know you’re going to show up and turn out. Don’t let these attacks on justice and democracy bring you down, because they are counting on that to kill morale. Instead, use it to fuel your efforts and determination to do more. Talk to more people. Knock on more doors.

There is a reckoning coming for those who have tried to destroy freedom in this country.

Share your thoughts on the Supreme Court taking Trump’s immunity case in the comments below.

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