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The 1/6 Committee Is Only the Beginning of Trump's Brutal Week

The 1/6 Committee Is Only the Beginning of Trump's Brutal Week

Monday it's the 1/6 Committee's referrals, Tuesday it's his taxes and Wednesday it's the 1/6 Committee's report.

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Donald Trump has a very bad week ahead. Very very very bad.

On Monday, the January 6th Committee is meeting at 1 PM, and reportedly plans to issue at least three criminal referrals against Trump, according to an NBC exclusive, including inciting or assisting in an insurrection, obstructing an official proceeding, and conspiracy to defraud the government.   But the nightmare doesn’t end there for Trump.

On Tuesday, the Ways and Means Committee is meeting to discuss his tax returns and what they will release.

On Wednesday, the January 6th Committee will release its report.

Speaking of the insurrection, CREW has a new report out meant to address the election of individuals to the U.S. Congress and state assemblies who might be disqualified from holding office under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment for engaging in the Trump terrorist attack on the United States.

The members of Congress whose disqualifications should be investigated are:

  • Paul Gosar (AZ 9th)

  • Derrick Van Orden (WI 3rd)

  • Anthony Kern (AZ)

  • Donnie Loftis (NC)

  • Mike Azinger (WV)

  • Matt Maddock (MI)

  • David Eastman (AK)

Crew says people in Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Alaska can urge their member of Congress or state legislator to prevent insurrectionists from taking office.

“If elected officials don't want to uphold the Constitution, then we all will.”

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CREW believes that there is reasonable suspicion that each of the individuals named in this report is disqualified because they (1) previously swore an oath to the Constitution and (2) either (a) joined the mob that gathered at the United States Capitol or (b) helped orchestrate the rallies on January 6th and related extra-legal events to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. 

Meanwhile, it’s probably going to be one of the last times the House will be functioning as anything other than a conspiracy chamber of far-Right bonkers misdirection and deflection from the real issues Congress should be addressing.

The incoming House Republican majority say their “top priority” is to investigate President Biden’s family, who aren’t even in government, which isn’t a good use of our taxpayer-funded resources since the DOJ is already investigating Hunter Biden.

This is even more unpopular than the midterms might have led people to suspect. A USA Today Suffolk University Poll says only 5% of people want the House to be investigating the Biden administration, let alone the Biden family.

Inflation and the economy took the top concern, followed by threats to democracy, immigration, climate change, gun control, and abortion, none of which the incoming Republican-led House will be addressing because several of these issues they are against addressing as a party (democracy, immigration, climate change, gun control and abortion -- well I guess they’re against everything that’s popular).

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